Free Download !!!


A while ago I wrote a song called 'Steppin', and i was quite pleased with it. When I played it to a friend of mine who is very active in the current country & line dance scene, he suggested that we send it to a few line dance instructors/choreographers to check their reaction.


Lo and behold, the lovely Sandra Speck, a well reknowned choreographer really liked the song and has written a dance for it. It'll be published in the LD magazines pretty soon, so here's the song for FREE download. Enjoy, and tell me what you think.


Steppin.mp3 (5,2 MB)


Just right click on the track, go to 'save as', find a folder where you want to save the track, click save. You now have the track to play, share and dance to. Well done!


Here's a video of us performing on a show called 'CITY SOUNDS' on ITV Anglia.
It was a songwriters competition, and the panel absolutely loved the song and performance as you can see.
We later learnd that we had won the competition hands down, but the producerover-ruled the panel and awarded it to a

younger act. Apparently, the panel were very angry and many words were spoken!!!